Online Learning

Blended learning embeds online learning as a contemporary way to learn. It encompasses the experiences that are presented, mediated or explored through ICT. It is about actively engaging learners, developing higher order thinking skills and providing students with increased opportunities to express their ideas and to be linked to the global community.

The College embraces a one-to-one blended learning culture that enhances learning, communication and collaboration between students, teachers and parents. To facilitate this, students are issued with customised laptops. These provide students with opportunities to develop the essential skills of a digital citizen: the 21st Century Fluencies – Information, Collaboration, Solutions and Creativity Media. They connect, collaborate and create using contemporary technologies and hone their critical and creative thinking skills.

A web-based Learning Management System provides a platform for students, staff and parents to embrace the new www – whatever, wherever, whenever. Teachers undertake ongoing professional development to systematically integrate their skills into these new learning programs.