Enrolment Process

Rosebank College is currently accepting Applications for Enrolment for Year 7 2027 and beyond. For enquiries regarding other year groups, please phone the Enrolment Registrar directly on 9713-3118.

At Rosebank College, there are three stages in the enrolment process:

  1. Application for student enrolment The prospective family submits an online application and $220 non-refundable application fee. Application must include copies of birth certificate/passport/visa/certificate of citizenship, latest full school report and latest NAPLAN results (if appropriate). Applications are accepted on the condition that student behaviour, attendance and commitment to school work are of a high standard and all required documentation is supplied. The College reserves the right not to accept an application. Submission of an enrolment form does not constitute that an enrolment contract has been entered into.
  2. Pre-enrolment approval If the prospective student is a sibling of a current student or a child of an alumni (past student), the prospective student may receive a pre-enrolment once the application has been processed.
  3. Principal’s Interview and Confirmation of Enrolment All eligible applicants are placed on a waiting list in priority order (see below) to be interviewed by a member of the Enrolment Team. If the interview is successful, families receive an enrolment offer in writing. A student learning contract is signed during the interview. Families return the acceptance slip to the College and pay the $475.00 enrolment fee. The student is then enrolled at Rosebank College and is included in the Orientation and Induction Program.

Placement on the waiting list

Placement on the waiting list is secured once applicants:
I.   Submit an online application for enrolment
II.  Submit all relevant documentation including NAPLAN results and full school reports
III. Pay the $220 non-refundable application fee
IV. Application is accepted Provision of the above documents and the payment of the application fee do not bind the College to enter a final contract for enrolment. A place on the waiting list does not guarantee enrolment.


Securing an enrolment place

Prior to beginning in Year 7, all applicants receive a letter reminding them to supply the College with their Years 3 and 5 NAPLAN results and latest full school report. Shortlisted applicants are invited for an interview with a member of the Enrolment Team.  Successful applicants are offered an enrolment place in writing soon after the interview. Successful applicants have two weeks to accept their enrolment offer and secure it with a $475.00 enrolment fee. In August of the year prior to commencement, Year 7 students and parents are invited to the first of the Orientation experiences. The second Orientation experience is a full day of school for students only. In July of the year prior to commencement, Year 11 students and parents are invited to attend a Subject Information Evening to secure their subject choices.


Payment of fees

All school fees are payable on or before the payment due date. If a family does not pay school fees and no arrangements have been agreed to and complied with, a sibling of that family cannot be enrolled at the College the following year until the matter is finalised. Failure to make a payment of fees or abide by a financial arrangement made with the College may result in placing the account with a Debt Collector. The signatories of the enrolment contract are jointly responsible for payment of that student’s fees. This is a contractual obligation.



The College withdrawal policy regarding fees and charges, is applicable once the enrolment fee has been paid and enrolment has been secured. If a student withdraws from the College prior to commencement of their schooling the entire enrolment fee is forfeited. Once a student has started at the College, notification in writing, advising of the student’s withdrawal must be given to the Principal. Ten weeks notice (inclusive of holidays) is required, otherwise fees in lieu will be charged. This also applies to students leaving mid-term.


Sibling Discount

Current families are eligible for sibling discounts on tuition fees when siblings are attending concurrently.


To request a prospectus please go to the Enrol tab then select “Request a Prospectus’ and fill in your details. We will mail out a prospectus pack shortly. To view our complete Enrolment Policy and Guidelines, click here.