College Board Directors

Tara McCarthy, Chair


  • Charmaine Belfanti, Director
  • Lesley Burvill, Director
  • Justin Flaherty, Director
  • Michael Christensen, Director
  • Karen Gray, Director
  • Joanne Hack, Director
  • David Jarjoura, Director
  • Maria Maher, Director
  • Carly Marshall, Deputy Chair

Rosebank College is currently seeking motivated individuals who wish to the join the College Board on a voluntary basis as Director. For more information, visit our Governance page.

From our Directors

I have had the pleasure of being on the Rosebank College Board the past 6 years.  Working on a diverse Board from different professional backgrounds has been a pleasant and rewarding experience and a great opportunity to share my expertise while developing new skills.

Carly Marshall, Deputy Chair

Being a member of the Rosebank Board has been a very rewarding experience. The role provides you the opportunity to contribute to  the community and to also develop your skills  in governance  in a non-profit setting.  An added bonus of being a Director is the regular invitations to join the school community to celebrate the key milestones in the life of the College. The interactions with students at these events is a highlight of the role.

Joanne Hack, Director

I am currently completing my tenth year as a Director of Rosebank College and I can honestly say that this has been the most rewarding experience of my career. Working in a voluntary capacity with peers from different disciplines to further the aims of the College has provided new challenges and built strong relationships along the way. I would sincerely recommend this role to any applicant.

Justin Flaherty, Director