Building Program

The College’s strategic planning identified a need for better facilities and resources for students to attain a 21st century education. An eight stage building program is underway, designed to support student learning. These significant upgrades will provide future students state-of-the-art teaching spaces.

Project 1 – Completed in 2011

Subiaco Hall contains:

  • The Scholastica Research and Study Centre
  • The Trade Training Centre which features sophisticated Hospitality and Food Technology facilities
  • New Visual Arts and Design Technology Centres


Project 2 – Completed in 2012

Montserrat Hall contains new Music, Drama and Dance facilities, an undercroft, a new cafeteria, PDHPE storeroom and change rooms, new bathrooms and an upgrade to our Hall and Performance Space.

Project 3 – Completed in 2014

Jamberoo Hall includes nine General Learning Areas (GLAs), five Science Learning Spaces on two multifunctional sports courts and a mezzanine level gymnasium.

Project 4 – Completed in 2017

This project includes a new staff and administration block, the creation of nine GLAs and an interconnecting staircase link which will connect Project 4 with Inkamana Hall and Erie Hall.

Project 5 – Due for completion in 2017/2018

This project includes a new covered outdoor learning area and the renovation of the three levels of Inkamana Hall to create six new GLAs.

Project 6 – Due for completion in 2018

This stage will include the redesign and beautification of the Chapel and Memorial Gardens.

Project 7 – Completed in 2015

This project included significant landscaping work to cut and fill three terraces including a levelled synthetic grass ball playing surface, retaining walls, access steps and passive seating area.

Project 8 – Due for completion in 2019

The master plan includes the redevelopment of the South Eastern corner of the College grounds (where the demountables currently reside). Works will include the expansion on the College carpark and the possible construction of additional multi-purpose sporting facilities.