Social Justice

Social justice is a core aspect of a Good Samaritan education. Students are involved in a variety of awareness raising activities and initiatives throughout the course of the year. Students participate in supporting the work of St Vincent de Paul, Caritas Australia, the Brown Nurses and other charities. In addition, each House supports a Good Samaritan or Benedictine ministry either in Australia or overseas.


Central to Rosebank’s learning culture is a commitment to transforming knowledge into empathetic and active support of our neighbour. Year 10 are offered the opportunity to spend time with a remote Indigenous Community at Santa Teresa in the Northern Territory. Year 11 are offered the experience of participating in Ministry Outreach that quite literally takes students out of their comfortable world and exposes them to the realities of life for many Australians who are disadvantaged in society. Year 11 are also offered the chance to participate in the annual Good Samaritan Education Immersion to the Philippines where students spend time with the Good Samaritan community in Bacolod and the Missionary Benedictine Sisters in Manilla.