The estate of Rosebank was originally acquired to serve as a Novitiate for the growing community of young Good Samaritan Sisters at the Pitt Street Convent, Read more


In 1893, Rosebank assumed the name of a College and the memoirs from this time until 1911 testify to the great reputation it enjoyed throughout NSW and beyond as a place of broad education. Read more


During this period, the College continued to grow, both in numbers and academic standing. Read more


Rosebank built up to full strength but in 1944 it closed to serve as a Juniorate for five years. While still retaining registration as a secondary school,.... Read more


Rosebank spends this period as a 4th form school, but it is a period which lays groundwork for the eventual incorporation of the school as an independent body in 1986. Read more


In 1981, Mr John Hawley was appointed the first lay Principal of the College. In 1988, the Sisters of the Good Samaritan established Rosebank College as an Incorporated Body ... Read more


During this period, the College experiences a period of extended growth. The numbers of students gradually increases, from 585 in 2005 to 1250 in 2016. Read more
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