150th Gala Dinner

On Saturday 29 July over 800 members of the past, current and future Rosebank family came together to celebrate our 150th birthday.  It was a night of friendship and tremendous good cheer, alumni bridging many decades, extraordinary entertainment, great memories, sound and light, larger than life images, glamour, singing and wonderful dancing, excellent musicianship, great food, excellent venue, generous and dedicated staff, talented and skilful students and finally a good night had by all. Here is what some of our guests said about the night:

“I am, today, reflecting with gratitude. The Rosebank years hold warm memories. Despite passage of years, the friendships formed at that time lay firm foundations.

I was so pleased to have shared the 150 years Dinner with friends and other familiar faces from our years.

Before the evening I did worry that I would not recognise or remember anyone but the more important thing was to acknowledge the shared experience of time spent together in our formative high school years.  It was a worthwhile thing for us to come together and publicly mark this milestone.  No doubt life has delivered us a mixed bag of experience but if we have the strength, the health and capacity to come together,  that itself is cause for celebration and thanksgiving.

To the student performers and musicians – well done and thank you for sharing your talents. I send Rosebank  College good wishes for the next 150 years – at least…..”

“Congratulations on a wonderful celebration on Saturday night. It was a privilege to attend such a wonderful evening. Everything was amazing. Thank you for your hard work and creativity in making the the whole anniversary so special.”

“I just wanted to send you a quick email to say the Rosebank celebration on Saturday night was a stunning success. Having been to more than a few events over the years, I’m genuine when I say that your event was the best I’ve been to.”

“It was a beautiful event, the themes, AV, food and service were excellent. Best of all I had a good time!!”