Extended Day Program

Extended Day Program

A fun, supportive, innovative learning environment.

Individualised Tutoring, Group Tutoring and Study Group

The Extended Day Program is an initiative of Rosebank College that operates after school five (5) days a week from the end of school to 6:00pm.  The program offers a fun, interactive learning structure for all students from Year 7 to 12. The Extended Day Program helps the students develop positive study and revision habits, gain assistance completing assignments and meet new friends. Afternoon tea is provided, and after 5:00pm students have the opportunity to continue to study or socialise by partaking in sporting activities, games and creative arts. The program relieves the burden on parents and allows quality family time in the evening.


There are three different programs that are offered through the Extended Day Program,

  • Extended Day Program Study Group
  • Subject Specific Group Tutoring
  • Individualised Tutoring


Extended Day Program Study Group

Students have opportunities for academic assistance with study, assessments and homework for all subject areas. Along with academic help, students will be able to develop study and research skills, learn how to effectively manage their time and understand their preferred learning styles for exam preparation. The Study Group cost is $30 per afternoon with a discount for multiple afternoons per week. The cost is inclusive of 3:15pm to 6:00pm.  
To enrol, please go to  https://bookedp1.timetap.com/


Subject Specific Group Tutoring

Small Group Subject Specific Tutoring is a brilliant opportunity for students to revise each week. Group Tutoring during Term 1 will be offered for

·      Year 7 Mathematics (Monday and Thursday)

·      Year 8 Mathematics (Monday)


·         Year 12 English (Thursday)

·         Year 12 Chemistry (Friday)


Tutors facilitate the program in a supportive small group environment. These 45 minute sessions will be offered at a cost of $25 per session (if already participating in the Extended Day Program/ Individualised Tutoring on that day, the additional cost is only $10). To enrol, please go to the Extended Day Program Booking Website (https://bookedp1.timetap.com/).



Regular – 5 Days per week $24.00 per day
               – 4 Days per week $25.50 per day
               – 3 Days per week $27.00 per day
               – 2 Days per week $28.50 per day
                – 1 Day per week $30.00 per day
                – Casual $35.00 per day


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Individualised Tutoring

Individualised tutoring is a great opportunity for students to gain confidence in subjects they are struggling in and allows the tutors to tailor the program to individual learning needs. Individualised tutoring is offered in 45 minute time slots. The cost includes tutoring and afternoon tea. Students have the opportunity to join the Extended Day Program before and/ or after their tutoring time slot. If you would like to enquire about Individualised Tutoring please contact the Extended Day Program Manager, Danielle Puhlmann at dpuhlmann@rosebank.nsw.edu.au or phone call on 9713 3108.



Regular – 2 Days per week $50.00 per day
               – 1 Days per week $55.00 per day
Casual – Daily $60.00 per day




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For more information please contact Ms Danielle Puhlmann, Extended Day Program Manager,
Phone: 02 9713 3108 Email: dpuhlmann@rosebank.nsw.edu.au